Boc Choy

Boc Choy

Well, I went on vacation for a week, came back and this thing grew almost 10 fold. Can’t wait to harvest some in the next few months!


Summer is here!

The system is almost three months old now. It kind of feels like forever ago since I started my build. Not many hiccups so far, but time will tell. My pump has been working great. Lights have stayed on and give off almost no heat. The plants seem to be doing good – well at least one of the beds. After about three weeks I started to notice the plants in the right side bed wither away and die. I dug into the bed a bit and there was a lot of seeds that died and got moldy. I cleaned them out, but I think the spinach didn’t strive in this environment. It is still quite young and doesn’t have much nutrients.

I am starting to realize why some people don’t like planting seeds directly into the garden. I will most likely be germinating elsewhere and transplanting.

My pH has been dropping down still. Adding in calcium carbonate and potassium hydroxide to keep it up around 6.3. Ammonia levels are still rising, but no signs of nitrites. It has been about 4 weeks since I put fish in the tank so I am expecting to see them in the next few.

Some progress pictures below.


I purchased some gold fish last night. I’ve steadied my pH at around 6.2 by adding in calcium carbonate and a tiny bit of potassium hydroxide. The fish seemed pretty scared at first as there are two massive water pipes that shoot out every 2 minutes or so. After shutting off the lights for the night I was hoping to see all my fish still swimming near the bottom in the morning and upon waking up, they indeed were still there!

Will be checking my ammonia and nitrite/nitrate levels tonight.

On another good note: when I went into my local fish store to buy gold fish I explained that I had an AP setup at home and didn’t need filters or aeration devices and the lady said I was about the 5th person that has come in saying that. That made me quite happy to hear there are other local Seacoast NH residents taking up such a great hobby/lifestyle.